Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Yes, so

I've abandoned this blog. I'm sure I'll come back to it at some point. But Wordpress is so much prettier...
If there's anyone out there who only reads this blog, and does not follow me on Twitter or listens to one of my many podcasts, I'm now in charge of a fully-functioning podcast network. This one, in fact. All my free time goes into that site and the shows and content we've been producing. I urge anyone reading to give them a go. Podcasts aren't as scary as they sound, you know.
So we started with the one podcast, which was based around film & TV, but other things kept slipping in. So Art Crap and Vidjagames! were born, I bet you can guess what they're about, right? And my cousin's drawing a webcomic series which will also be hosted on I hear webcomics are all the rage nowadays.
Anyway. It's been fun. Visit the site, enjoy it and tell your friends. See ya.